Make Good

Gas companies are required to take a number of steps to ensure bore owners are not disadvantaged by their operations.

How to make good

In Queensland, the Petroleum Act 1923 and the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 provide petroleum tenure holders the right to extract groundwater as part of the process for extracting petroleum and gas.

The extraction of petroleum and gas collectively refers to both conventional production (extraction from highly permeable geological reservoirs) and unconventional production (extraction from low permeability geological formations, e.g. coal seams and shale).

Chapter 3 of the Water Act 2000 sets out the regulatory framework obligating petroleum tenure holders to monitor and manage the impacts caused by the exercise of their right to extract groundwater, including the responsibility to 'make good' (PDF 382 KB) on any impairments caused to a licensed water bore.

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