Where to find help

Queensland Ombudsman

The Queensland Ombudsman Office provides a free and confidential service to Queenslanders to ensure they get a fair go in their dealings with state government bodies.

The Ombudsman has the power to investigate and assess the administrative practices and procedures of all government departments, local governments and public authorities (collectively referred to as “agencies”). The role and powers of the Ombudsman are defined under the Ombudsman Act 2001 is:

  • To give Queenslanders a timely, effective and independent way to have administrative actions of agencies investigated, 
  • To improve the quality of decision-making and administrative practices within agencies, and 
  • To provide oversight of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (PID Act), which facilitates the disclosure of information about wrongdoing in the public sector and provides whistle-blowers protections. 

The Ombudsman is also provided the following special powers under the Act:

  • To make preliminary inquiries to decide whether a complaint should be investigated, 
  • To investigate informally, and 
  • To investigate formally, using coercive powers. 

Following their investigation, the Queensland Ombudsman can make recommendations to Parliament to rectify unlawful, unfair or unreasonable decisions or administrative practices of any agency.

The Queensland Ombudsman Office is also there as a general resource to answer any questions and will provide direction and advice about the government complaints process in general and what steps should be taken. The Queensland Ombudsman Office can be contacted by: