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Fact sheets

Negotiating a Conduct and Compensation Agreement

If a gas company wishes to access your private land to undertake advanced activities (such as levelling, trenching, constructing or excavating) it must follow the Land Access Code.

This involves first discussing the proposed activities with you and negotiating a land access agreement, known as a Conduct and Compensation Agreement (CCA). Read more about negotiating a Conduct and Compensation Agreement.

Make good agreements for bore owners

Gas companies are required to take a number of steps to ensure bore owners are not disadvantaged by their operations.

All authorised private bores within the immediately affected area of gas operations are assessed by the company to determine if their activities have, or are likely to, impair the capacity of the bores.

A make good agreement is then negotiated between the gas company and bore owner. Read more about making good agreements for bore owners.


Options for dispute resolution

The Queensland Government ensures a range of options are available to help you reach agreements if negotiations with gas companies become challenging.

Read more about the options for resolving a dispute.