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Regulation of the Onshore Gas Industry in Queensland

The onshore gas industry in Queensland is regulated by a range of legislation, standards, codes of practice and guidelines which are overseen by several government departments and agencies.

Overview of Legislation Governing the Onshore Gas Industry in Queensland

This summary of legislation includes the key instruments that form the core regulatory framework for the onshore gas industry in Queensland.

CSG Globe: Interactive Gas Fields Navigator

The Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Globe was developed in response to landholder and community desires for greater information and transparency about current and future CSG activity.

Onshore Gas Well Flaring

Flaring is most commonly undertaken in regional Queensland as a gas well is brought into production or when gas processing plants are being tested or maintained.

Protecting Groundwater Quality with Gas Well Integrity

The basic function of any gas well is to transport gas from the underground geological formation in which the gas naturally resides, called the gas reservoir, to the surface.

Investigations into Onshore Gas Industry and Hydraulic Fracturing in Australia

View details of investigations held by Australian jurisdictions into the onshore gas industry and hydraulic fracturing.