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GasFields Commission

An independent statutory body with powers to review legislation and regulation; obtain and disseminate factual information; advise on coexistence issues; convene parties to resolve issues; and make recommendations to government and industry.

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Business Insights

Local business insights on working with the onshore gas industry.

Building sustainable communities

Improving the long term sustainability of regional communities by maximising opportunities for business from the onshore gas industry.

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Science FAQs

Sharing scientific information to assist community understanding of gas industry.

Sharing scientific research

Developing relationships with agencies and organisations to share knowledge and direct research into the onshore gas industry.

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Community Insights

Gas leaders and community meet in Roma.

Improving local infrastructure

Guiding local governments to better plan and manage impacts and upgrades to services and infrastructure.

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Groundwater Report

Bore owners can check latest forecasts on CSG impacts on groundwater in Surat Basin.

Protecting groundwater

Ensuring that groundwater used for agriculture and by communities is protected.

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Landholder insights

Rural landholders share their insights dealing with the onshore gas industry.

Levelling the playing field

Levelling the playing field in land access negotiations between rural landholders and onshore gas proponents.

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Pipeline Pointers

10 learnings to improve pipeline easement construction and rehabilitation.

Driving industry transparency

Driving greater transparency in the onshore gas industry and ensuring it is governed by rigorous standards and codes.

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